Links under new ownership

LONG established local business the Links Hotel has been taken over, it was announced this week.

The hotel was put on the market last June when its managing director, Casper Ninteman, who ran the premises for Merpro Leisure, announced his retirement. It is now under the same ownership as the Park Hotel.

At the time Mr Ninteman said he would continue to run the hotel until it was sold, and a deal was finalised with the Park Hotel’s owners on Wednesday, March 2. The hotel has been owned by Merpro Leisure for more than 20 years and run by Mr Ninteman since 1998.

It has been bought as a going concern and Park Hotel manager Alan James, who this week said that no changes to the business are planned, will be at the helm.

He said: “The Links Hotel has been bought by the Park Hotel and there is no plan for any major changes at the Links, which is well established with a solid reputation.

“I think the two businesses have worked well together in the past and there has always been a friendly rivalry. We’re taking care to ensure they remain as two separate entities and the hotels’ identities will be kept quite distinct.

“Staff will also remain exactly as they are. I’ve every confidence that the new arrangement will run smoothly and both hotels have solid reputations for loyal clientele.

“Casper has now officially retired and when it went on the market last year he said he would hang on until a sale went through. We wish him all the very best for a very happy retirement.”