Litter and fly tipping an issue

Local councillor David May has been in touch with the Montrose waste manager regarding litter issues around the town.

Mr May told the Review: “I have been in touch with the Montrose waste manager as some issues of litter in parts of our area have been brought to my notice.

“I have asked her to have look at the Maltings, Dubton Road to Dubton Terrace and Panmure Row, which is particularly bad for fly tipping as can be seen from the picture.”

Mr May continued: “It is a great pity that some people in our area do not take more pride in out town as not only does it cost money to clear up the mess, it looks appalling both for our residents but also for anyone coming to visit.

“It is obviously not due to lack of bins and a fairly central recycling centre.”

To report fly tipping incidents, members of the public can contact the Angus Council ACCESS Line on 08452 777 778 or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) on 01241 874370 for more larger scale incidents.

The council have the ability to issue fixed penalty notices of £50 for fly tipping but courts can impose a penalty of up to £40,000 for individuals caught fly tipping.

Angus Council is responsible for investigating and disposing of fly tipping on council ground.

Where items are fly tipped on private ground the local council will try to find the culprit where possible, but the landowner is ultimately responsible for clearing away the fly tipping.