Local architecture to be “applauded”

The new Account Tax Ltd office on Traill Drive, which was nominated for three designs awards.'Staff photograph
The new Account Tax Ltd office on Traill Drive, which was nominated for three designs awards.'Staff photograph

TWO MONTROSE developments are being held up as examples of good design practice after their inclusion in the Dundee Institute of Architects annual awards.

At Tuesday’s meeting of Angus Council’s development standards committee, infrastructure services director Eric Lowson cited eight projects across the county that had been through the authority’s planning process and nominated for awards.

A new office building and apartment at Traill Drive for Account Tax Ltd/Yorsipp was put forward for the Best Commercial/Private Client award, Best Public/Commercial Building award and Best Use of Timber while ‘The Stables’, in Commercial Close was nominated in the Best Residential Project category.

In his report to councillors, Mr Lowson said that good design improves quality of life, increases safety and civic pride and addresses challenges in reducing carbon emissions.

He also said that all new development will play a part in delivering the council’s Vision for Angus and its future success as a sustainable, economically viable and high quality place to live and work.

He said: “Improving the quality of new development across Angus is an important objective in its own right, but its achievement could also help to improve our economic prosperity by improving our image and quality of life and encouraging people to live, visit and invest in Angus.

“Each of these projects contributes towards the built environment of Angus and their design achievement is to be applauded and encouraged.

“However, improving the design and layout of medium to large scale housing developments remains a key challenge. In this respect aspects such as integration with local landscape character, connections with the surrounding area, movement through the area for pedestrians and cyclists, street pattern and building lines and efficient use of resources including built and natural features are key elements of creating successful places which need to be better considered and improved.”

Mr Lowson added that there continues to be “strong demand” for housing in the open countryside and the design, quality and character of new development will play a large part in shaping communities and quality of life for decades to come.