Local artist honours Scots troops’ Afghanistan work

A PAINTING by local artist Maurice Forsyth-Grant has been handed over by him to the Dreghorn headquarters of the Royal Scots Borderers 1st Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The picture, which measures almost six feet by four in its frame, depicts Scottish troops mentoring their Afghan National Army colleagues to enable them to take over full duties after the UK troops have been withdrawn.

The painting was accepted by the second-in-command at Dreghorn, Major Tom Perkins.

It is painted in acrylics and took Mr Forsyth-Grant around a month to complete, in the very specific brief he was given by Major Perkins.

In answer to the Review’s question about whether he had gone to Afghanistan to soak in atmosphere for the painting, Mr Forsyth-Grant shook his head and said that Afghanistan is one of the worst war zones.

He added that he had been told that one RSM had twice been involved in vehicles being blown up.

However, there have been major improvements in safety, and whilst wheels and bumpers might get blown off, the crew compartments are much safer places to be.

Among Mr Forsyth-Grant’s other works, a large painting of the Royal Yacht Britannia can be found at Leith.

He has twice won the Canadian Elizabeth Green Shields award, and last year reached the final group in the Jolomo Landscape Awards competition.