Local Bobby’s flue warning

THERE were a couple of safety warnings from Community Constable Tracy Brown when she spoke to Montrose Community Council on Thursday in the Academy.

She said that there is an increased risk of chimney fires as people note the price of central heating and open up old fireplaces.

The evidence suggests that many are neglecting to sweep their chimneys often enough, and sometimes they don’t sweep them at all.

Tayside Fire and Rescue are always happy to visit your house and check fires and flues.

As another safety service, fire safety and trading standards officers will come and check whether or not your electric blanket is still safe.

Police are undertaking a campaign against housebreaking by encouraging people to leave a light on when a house is empty. Time switches are also recommended.

Constable Brown said that scrap metal and fuel thefts are still happening, usually away from built-up areas.

Bogus callers are still causing concern, particularly when they target older people. Constable Brown said it is important to get over to elderly friends and relatives that they have the right to say ‘no!’ to anyone who comes to their door.

Police have given a welcome to the proposed reduction in the drink/driving limit, from 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood to 50. She added that there are people who hope to see the limit reduced to zero at some time.

She said there is a downward trend in vandalism, but with a slight increase in instances at children’s playparks.

Constable Brown went on to say that there has been a reduction in offences such as dishonesty and indecencies.

This was matched by a welcome increase in public satisfaction with the work of Tayside Police.