Local bridge results

THIS week’s local bridge results were as follows:

Dun Bridge Club

The results from Monday, March 21, were: N/S - 1, Christine Brown and Doris Alston; 2, Hazel Hamilton and Margaret Hugh. E/W - 1, Keddie and Isobel Law; 2, Jean Stewart and Kit Souter.

Montrose Bridge Club

The results for Tuesday, March 22, aggregate round eight were: N/S - 1, Sarah Williams and Eric Wilson; 2, Kathleen Scott and Bob Thomson; 3, Margaret Bell and Pam Salmon. E/W - 1, John Williams and Mark Evans; 2, Moira Yule and Mary Faulkner; 3, Bill Ross and Ray Gallacher.

Monday Evening Bridge

The results for Monday, March 21, were: N/S - 1, H. McGhie and A. Robinson; 2, O. Miller and R. Robb; 3, R. Bygate and M. Yule. E/W - 1, K. McAllister and L. McAllister; 2, G. Clark and I. Mosley; 3, I. Scott and J. Scott.