Local young poet wins UK competition - in Scots

IT APPEARS Montrose has an embryo Makar.

Thanks to reader Jim Robertson, High Street, we have had our attention drawn to the work of 12-year-old Harris Porter.

Jim explained that while reading The Times newspaper the word ‘Montrose’ caught his eye in connection with a national poetry competition for children. Out of nearly 1,000 entries, Harris won the 7-12 age group category, with a poem in Scots.

A Journey

I struggled up the brae, the win’ and rain soughing haird in ma face,

Frichtened bauties skittered intae the heather as I passed.

Twa craws were fechting ower the harigals o’ some pare crater, like weans ower a poke o’ sweeties.

But then the sun broke through the cloods, and the douce song o’ a laverock filled me wi’ gledness.

Jim says: “I think we will be hearing more from Harris.

“Of course we already have our own ‘national treasure’, Raymond Vettese, but Harris is only 12 and yet shows quite remarkable maturity in his grasp of tension and the Scots tongue.

“Keep at it, young Harris and perhaps you too, like Raymond, may win the Saltire award for poetry.

“More power to your pen.”