Looking Back

The beaming faces in this photograph are those of the Montrose Mercantile Golf Club Ladies Prizewinners. This snap of the happy victors was taken in 2003.
The beaming faces in this photograph are those of the Montrose Mercantile Golf Club Ladies Prizewinners. This snap of the happy victors was taken in 2003.

Here are the stories that were making the news in the Montrose Review in years past.

July 14, 1815


Persons of the above description are desired to attend, that, by an act of parliament passed during the present session, all Hawkers, Pedlars, and Chapmen are bound, on or before the 1st day of August annually, to take out a license from the commissioners named in the act, under a penalty of twenty-five pounds sterling, to be recovered by the immediate commitment of any hawker, pedlar or chapman, travelling without licence, to prison until said penalty be paid, or the sum be obtained by the sale of such goods as the offender may be found possessed of.

The license duty is four Sterling, for a person travelling on foot; and FOUR POUNDS ADDITIONAL, for every horse, ass, mule or beast of burden such person may travel with; and in order to entitle any hawker or pedlar to obtain such license, he must produce a certificate of the following tenor, subscribed by the minister and two respectable householders wherein such person has his usual residence.

“We A.B. minister, and C.D. and E.F. being two householders, residing at , in the parish , in the county of , do hereby certify, that G.H. hath been known to us for the space of , years last past, and during that time has wholly resided in the said parish and is a fit person to be licensed.

July 15, 1965


On the recommendation of the parks and gardens committee Montrose Town Council is to replace six trees, on the east side of Mid Links opposite Wellington Gardens and Wellington Place, by copper birch or plane trees. When the new trees have grown sufficiently high the other trees in the line will also be replaced. The trees on the west side of Jamieson Paton Park are to be “pollarded” (have the branches cut off, leaving only the main trunk) with the exception of one at each end which will be removed.

Poplars in Green Park are to be removed and replaced with “other suitable trees”.



At a meeting of Montrose Town Council property committee it was alleged that ponies straying from ground let at Broomfield, to an owner from the High Street, had been responsible for damage to greens at the golf course.

The committee agreed that the ponies’ owner should again be asked for payment of the cost of reinstating the greens and that he be warned that if he were again responsible for his ponies causing damage to the greens through their breaking out of the ground the council would be likely to terminate his let.

July 12, 1990


Former Montrose golf pro Alistair Webster scooped the Wilson Club Professional Championship at Carnoustie on Friday, finishing two strokes ahead of his successor at Montrose, Kevin Stables, who shared second place with Cowal’s Russell Weir.

Alistair, who became the Edzell pro earlier this year, shot a four over par 292 over the four round tournament to clinch the title and accompanying £4,750 prize money.

Along with Letham Grange pro David Scott, Alistair and Kevin will now form a three-man Angus contingent travelling to South Carolina to compete against American pros on the course that will host next year’s Ryder Cup.

The three qualified for an eight-strong British team by virtue of their placings at Carnoustie.


A donation of £250 from Montrose and District Round Table has allowed Radio North Angus to extend its service at Montrose Royal Infirmary. RNA volunteer disc jockeys could previously only play requests for patients in the Infirmary’s day room but the Table gift has made it possible to relay requests to patients in two upstairs wards. Total cost of the new system was £380.