Lunan Bay improvements get under way

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ANGUS Council has begun their £90,000 upgrade of the car parking area at Lunan Bay.

The picturesque area is one of the most popular visitor destinations in the county but the previous parking facility was rapidly becoming too small to cope with the demand.

During the summer months the car park is frequently at capacity particularly at the weekends.

Angus District Council had provided the facility in the 1980s on ground leased from Lunan Home Farm, but despite ongoing maintenance by neighbourhood services the 25-year-old facility needed a major upgrade.

In 2001 the access road to the car park was updated but the surface had since become badly potholed and in need of complete resurfacing.

The design was intended to encourage one-way traffic circulation but this had a limited effect and there were reports of the car park being used inappropriately.

The litter bins and the boardwalk were subject to vandalism or deterioration and were in need of replacing.

The upgrades will increase the amount of parking bays by an additional 25 spaces and the entire area will be resurfaced.

Trees will also be planted to enhance the habitat and value of the area.

The boardwalk which provides access to the beach will be repaired, signage will be upgraded and collection facilities will be improved.

Work began on Monday (March 21) and it is hoped that it will be competed by the Easter weekend on Friday, April 22.

An Angus Council spokeswoman said: “There will be limited car parking available during the work but visitors will still be able to access the beach.”