Magical morning for Probus Club

BILL Rebecca, a member of Montrose and District Probus Club, ably filled in when the scheduled speaker was unable to attend the club’s recent meeting in the George Hotel.

Bill is a member of The Magic Circle and had members spellbound by his magic and conjuring tricks.

He said he had been interested in this hobby ever since he saw a magician entertaining some children during the Second World War at a friend’s birthday party and, having been encouraged by his father, he learned much from Andrew Chivas, a member of the Magic Circle in Aberdeen.

Bill’s sleight of hand and ready banter with his captive audience entranced even the most sceptical and cynical.

He had members in the proverbial palm of his hand, and members were as thrilled and open-eyed in amazement as any youngsters would have been.

Children are usually the easiest and most receptive audiences for magicians, followed by younger women, then the elderly. Younger males tend to be the most cynical and least impressed by the magician’s tricks.

Many of the members were made to help and participate in the various tricks that Bill performed.

He told the very touching story of having performed in hospital to a young boy who was terminally ill. The wee lad was so impressed that he whispered, “When I grow up, I want to be a magician like you” But Bill knew only too well that was not to be.

Did he reveal any secrets of his trade, and show how certain tricks worked? That would be telling! Dave Oswald proposed thanks.