Make 2012 the year you quit the weed

EVERY year 13,000 Scots die from smoking-related illnesses. As smoking is a major, and yet the most preventable, cause of ill-health and premature death in Scotland, the Scottish Government is committed to reducing the prevalence of smoking amongst Scotland’s adults.

Results show that these efforts continue to make an impact. There were nearly 80,000 quit attempts made or quit dates set in 2010, an increase of eight per cent on the previous year. However, despite the steadily increasing volume of quit attempts, less than half of these attempts are likely to stay quit at one month after their ‘quit date’.

If you are one of these smokers who has recently quit smoking and are looking for some support to help you stay quit, remember that you are up to four times more likely to be stopped smoking a month later if you use a combination of stop smoking pharmacy products and stop smoking services, compared to going it alone. By calling Smokeline for free on 0800 848484, trained advisers are on hand to provide you with support and advice on staying quit for good.

Likewise, if you’re only at the stage of considering an attempt to quit smoking, then Smokeline can find the help that’s the right match for you. So if your willpower needs help from a patch or two, for example, you can find out what might suit you best. They can also point you in the direction of experienced, knowledgeable people who can give you a bit of support and encouragement.

Whether you’re a first time quitter or you’ve tried several times before, there are many ways to help you stop smoking and a way to suit every lifestyle. This could include local stop smoking sessions, one to one support, products such as patches and gum, local pharmacy support and the support website.

Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said: “Giving up smoking is the biggest single thing anyone can do to improve their health but you’re more likely to succeed if you get help, rather than relying on willpower alone.

“There’s a huge range of support available - from face-to-face or online to nicotine replacement therapy and group classes - and Smokeline can help you find the quit method that’s right for you.”

If you’re ready to quit smoking, call Smokeline for free on 0800 848484 to find the best quitting method that’s right for you.

In the meantime, here are 10 top tips to help you start thinking about quitting smoking for good.