Make up talk at Hillside SWRI

THE LADIES of the Hillside SWRI enjoyed a very interesting talk at their first meeting of the New Year.

Speaker for the evening was Dawn Wallace, who also gave a demonstration on the theme of ‘Make-up for the Stage’. She also showed a portfolio of her recent work which included the effects for the ‘Beast’ in the local production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Ms Wallace showed the ladies how to give the appearance of injuries for films involving violent incidents but they were quite relieved when she said her fake blood had frozen solid and she was unable to bring it along.

Iris Mair provided the vote of thanks.

Competition results: Artificial Corsage - 1, Iris McKain; 2, Margaret Harrison; 3, Esther McLaren. Make-Up Bag - 1, Moira Hart; 2, Margaret Harrison; 3, Esther McLaren. Flower of the Month - Margaret Harrison.