Man and dog are hurt on the boardwalk at Montrose beach

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An elderly man and his old dog were hurt last week when walking along a boardwalk at Montrose Beach.

The walkway to the north of the coastguard hut has now been closed by the council.

A large section of it has been washed away and all that remains are large sandbags. The remaining section has shifted so it now overhangs the gap between the boardwalk and the large rocks that form the beach protection.

Lucille Bird was walking on the beach last week. She said: “I noticed an elderly man between the board walk and the rocks. Initially, I thought he was taking a photo. I got closer and he told me that he had fallen and was stuck as was his dog which was underneath him. He had bumped his head. I could see a lot of blood.”

Lucille called an ambulance, and with another passer-by managed to get the man and his dog out safely. She said: “The man told me his dog was extremely old and called Harriet. She was a Basset Hound, totally blind.

“The board walk has been in a state of disrepair since I moved to Montrose last summer.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Coastal erosion has resulted in the deterioration of the boardwalk and, while we recognise the demand from locals and visitors alike for ramped beach access, it has been necessary to close the pathway at this time.

“It will reopen once safe and sustainable repairs have been carried out in accordance with the wider coastal erosion issues that affect Montrose Bay.

“Cllr May made us aware of the incident involving this gentleman. We wish him a speedy recovery.”