Many issues raised at Montrose Community Council meeting

A well attended monthly Montrose Community Council meeting for took place in the local sports centre on March 31 where many local issues were raised.

Among the topics discussed were the Montrose Academy Bicentenary, bus services and the Common Good Fund.

A spokesperson for the community council said: “The Stagecoach X7 service, whilst on the whole is excellent and welcome, there has been an issue with its access for some community members. This is being addressed by correspondence at this early stage.

“We have secured a stall at the forthcoming music festival where it is hoped much needed funds for The Montrose Flower Project and the town’s Christmas lights can be raised.

“Angus Council Housing was a topic this meeting where it was highlighted there are empty homes that should be filled. It appears that the Queens Close homeless unit that has been unoccupied for some eight years is no longer needed and may be sold.

“The Traill Pavilion at the beach front is not going to be opened all year round, as it had been hoped, so that visitors and local community members could enjoy a trip with the knowledge there would be facilities nearby.

“It has been discussed and many feel that the sport centre is too far from the beach to be regarded as facilities, like those in Carnoustie for example.

“The Montrose Common Good Fund was also discussed with its accessibility as an issue.

“We also discussed The Montrose Academy bicentenary and have offered funding for their exhibition. We are still keen to enlist a young person’s committee. It was pointed out that not one community council member actually has any children of school age so, it is imperative we work toward recruiting young people.”

A Police Scotland representative suggested that any members of the community with an issue should email

If you wish to discuss any of the issues or raise other, the next meeting is at 7.15 pm on Tuesday, April 28 at Montrose Sport Centre.