Maps of Montrose on display

A series extracts from of maps of Montrose are being displayed at Montrose Basin Heritage Society.

The new temporary exhibition, ‘Mapping Montrose’, by Montrose Basin Heritage Society (MBHS) runs until the end of August.

The free exhibition showcases extracts from a series of maps covering the area from the 16th century to relatively modern times.

Duncan Macdonald, chairman of MBHS, said: “So if you want to know about access to Montrose Harbour, how to defend the town against the French, squabbling over fishing rights, or how to transform your estate and gardens with money from the West Indian slave trade, this might be for you. The original maps are held in both private and public collections across Britain and are a small selection of those that have been identified by the MBHS as part of our local history research project.

“They would not usually be seen together. So if browsing maps appeals to you, you can visit to check them out.”