Marathon charity effort

Montrose runner Jane Mitchell is set to take to the streets for her second consecutive London Marathon to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

A keen supporter of the charity, she decided to enter next month’s event after meeting young Type 1 diabetes sufferers in the capital last year which encouraged her to double her efforts to support research into the condition.

She said: “I met a lot of young children last year, some of whom had just been diagnosed, and their parents and that makes such a big difference as you can see where the money is going.”

The chronic condition is caused by a defect in the immune system resulting in the destruction of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. This means that conversion of glucose from food to energy cannot take place and those with the condition have to rely on daily doses of insulin.

A Type 1 diabetes sufferer herself, Jane said that treatment of the condition has changed over the years and is keen to support future developments.

She said: “Even just the management of it has changed a lot over the years, most recently with the introduction of insulin pumps. I’ve had one for about five years and before that it would have been difficult for me to run, juggling the miles I need to complete with the sugar levels.

“The first six months can be a bit intense, but after that it’s amazing and it makes such a difference.”

The pumps are alternatives to injections and supply a continuous infusion of insulin, regulating blood sugar more effectively. Knowing the difference they make, Jane is keen to help extend their use to eligible youngsters.

To help raise funds she has set up a page for donations and sponsorship at

She added: “We’re really well supported in the community, which is really appreciated.”