Mary’s meal boost at Lochside

WELCOME visitors at Lochside Primary School on Wednesday were a team from Mary’s Meals, who were collecting loads of vital supplies for children in Malawi.

The P6P pupils have been gathering essential supplies to fill backpacks, and have completed the marvellous total of 75.

Items included were towels, books, pencils, shoes, soap, toothpaste and a brush, shirts, shorts and a tennis ball.

Not only that but there were many large carrier bags of items - which the Review reporter can testify to, as he helped carry them out!

The children were addressed by Mary’s Meals representative Isiaka Jokosenumi, who tours the country telling pupils about the charity.

Isiaka, who is based in Glasgow, told the Review that inevitably, when the backpacks are delivered, the first thing the African youngsters do is look for the tennis balls!

He expressed the charity’s gratitude for the work the children had done in compiling the backpacks.

Also present from Mary’s Meals were Alan Roger and Pat Kelly.

On their website,, the charity says: “The main focus of Mary’s Meals is our school feeding programmes but we also have a long history of providing emergency relief to vulnerable regions around the world.

“Mary’s Meals grew out of a response to the Bosnian conflict in the early 1990s. Since then we have been involved in emergency relief work in countries including India, Burma, Thailand and Haiti.

“Most recently, Mary’s Meals responded to the crisis in East Africa, where 10.7 million people were affected by severe food shortages and widespread drought. In Kenya, where we have been feeding children and helping to heal tribal rifts since 2004, we temporarily expanded our operation in the drought-stricken Turkana region to offer emergency feeding to 6,000 more nursery children.”