Masterful storyteller at Montrose Folk Club

James Keelaghan will perform with Hugh McMillan at Montrose Folk Club.
James Keelaghan will perform with Hugh McMillan at Montrose Folk Club.

The next concert at Montrose Folk Club will be on Friday, November 14 when James Keelaghan and Hugh McMillan are the guests in the Links Hotel, Montrose.

The concert will be on a Friday rather than the normal club night of Thursday as this was the only free date on their tour schedule.

The concert will be the second last date for the duo on a packed 20-day tour of Scotland and England in order to promote the retrospective CD and DVD, entitled ‘History: the First Twenty Five Years’.

James released these earlier in 2014 in order to mark the 25th anniversary of his embarking upon a career as a professional full time touring performer.

James has been described as the finest singer/songwriter produced by Canada.

The masterful storytelling of James has, over the course of 11 CDs, been part of the bedrock of his success.

This has earned Keelaghan numerous nominations and awards.

James is a Poet Laureate of the folk and roots music world who, for almost a quarter of a century, has pursued a songwriting career with passion, intent and intensity, as well as with artistic curiosity.

James is undoubtedly the master of the story song. Possessed of an insatiable appetite for finding the next unique storyline, Keelaghan forges his songs with brilliant craftsmanship and artistic vision.

This makes him one of the most distinctive and readily identifiable voices on both the Canadian and international singer/songwriter scenes.

James lays claim to a deep catalogue of timeless originals, such as ‘Fires of Calais’, ‘Cold Missouri Waters’ and ‘Kiri’s Piano’. The latter is based on a story told to him by his sister after she had read a book on Canadians who were imprisoned in Japanese internment camps during the Second World War.

James is also an outstanding interpreter of outside material and released a CD entitled ‘A Few Verses’, which was his homage to his roots in traditional music. He is also a fine guitarist and will be appearing at Montrose Folk Club in a duo with his long time accompanist, Hugh McMillan, on bass guitar.

Everyone is welcome at Montrose Folk Club for a concert by a truly world-class singer and songwriter.