Meals on wheels job losses likely


Jobs could be under threat as a result of cuts to Angus Council’s community meals service as the number of hot meals is set to be halved.

The local authority is set to halve the number of hot meals delivered to residents who use its ‘meals on wheels’ service in a bid to save money.

The soon to be reduced service will not require as many man hours to deliver the goods which could lead to job losses or delivery drivers having to be re-deployed within the authority’s work force.

Angus Council currently deliver around 3,500 hot meals to the homes of approximately 450 residents in the county each week.

Recipients of the service can choose to have a hot meal delivered to their home at lunchtime, in the evening, or both if they wish.

Angus Council is cutting the service to the delivery of one meal during the day and the other meal will be substituted with a sandwich for the resident to have for dinner.

It is estimated that the cuts will save £400,000 a year but this could result in changes to delivery driver jobs due to a reduction in hours.

One concerned resident told the Review: “Here we go again with Angus Council cuts.

Firstly we had the children’s play park proposed reductions, then the museum closing on Mondays.

“Now we learn that there is to be one community meals delivery each day, instead of the usual two.

The proposals are for the usual midday delivery of a hot meal, but with a sandwich added for tea.

What an insult for our pensioners who, over the years, have given much to Angus Council, and who pay for the meals.

“Imagine on a winter’s evening instead of a warm meal you get a cold sandwich. Even fit and able younger people wouldn’t have this for themselves.

“What next? Are the buses to stop at 6 p.m. to save wear and tear on the High Street road surface?”