Mean theft of Christmas gift in Montrose

L. Matthew has been in touch with the Review by e-mail to tell us of a particularly mean theft in town.

The e-mail states: “I would just like to tell you about the lowlife who stole a present on or around December 13, from an address in Orange Lane, Montrose.

“This was a small gift from my 90-year-old mother, who is now in a care home suffering from vascular dementia.

“The gift was for one of her former neighbours, who she thought very highly of.

“I left the parcel in a carrier bag tied to the neighbour’s front door, which is in a block of flats.

“I have done this on previous occasions and thought it would be safe enough.

“I did not knock on the door as I thought the person was on night shift.

“I only found out yesterday from the neighbour that she never got the parcel. Obviously someone thought they had the right to just help themselves.

“Hope you are proud of yourself whoever you are, and if you have a heart at all, maybe you will see fit to return the gift to its rightful owner.”

If any Review reader has knowledge of the above theft, please contact Police on 101.