Meeting to discuss path proposal

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A SITE meeting has been held in Ferryden to discuss the viability of reviving one of the village’s scenic walks.

At a recent Ferryden Community Council meeting the idea was put forward that a shoreline walk could be completed between the car park at the end of River Street and Scurdie Ness but there were doubts regarding possible funding sources.

The hope was to restore and extend the present path as an added attraction for visitors to the village.

Community councillors were keen to find out if they could tap in to the Angus Coastal European Fisheries Fund, which has been established to support projects that bring economic benefit to the county’s coastal area, with a strong focus on fisheries and maritime related activity.

Member David Wilson suggested that it could form part of an application for funding to help shore up a marker cairn at Scurdie Ness although there were doubts over who would have overall responsibility for the path.

Councillor David May this week said he had attended a meeting with community council and Angus Council representatives.

He said: “We walked along the path for quite a distance to look at the feasibility of a coastal path that would be above the shoreline. We’re now going to get an engineer along to see how possible that is and hope to be able to report back to the next community council meeting.”