Memories web page welcomes 3,000th member

Meg Duncan: Montrose Memories' 3,000th member.'Contributed photograph
Meg Duncan: Montrose Memories' 3,000th member.'Contributed photograph

A FACEBOOK page that is proving to be a hit with Montrosians at home and abroad has notched up its 3,000th member.

Membership of the Montrose Memories page is truly varied and worldwide with Montrosians from as close by as Fettercairn, Friockheim and Ferryden signing up as well as from as far afield as the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Ireland, Norway, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

The honour of reaching the landmark figure fell to Meg Duncan, formerly Meg Hynd, who grew up in Montrose but now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Daughter of well-known local postman Johnny Hynd and his wife Betty, Meg’s sister, Linda, also now lives abroad, in Montana, although her brother John still lives in the town.
Meg lived in Seagate and Traill Terrace, attended South Esk Primary School and Montrose Academy and, on leaving school, worked at the Montrose telephone exchange in Bridge Street.

In 1977 she married local man Syd Duncan, who was an old friend of her father’s from the post office, and the family emigrated to Australia later that year. The couple, who had two children Jaclyn and Brett, were married for 26 years but sadly Syd died nine years ago.

Meg has been back to Montrose on several occasions for holidays and family functions but this week said that contact from the page’s administration team and being its 3,000th member was an “amazing but welcome” surprise.
She continued: “When you get older you want to know how people you once knew are getting on and the Montrose Facebook page has helped me find out how everyone is doing.

“All the memories I thought had been forgotten as I grew older have come back to me with the help of the page and its members. 
“They say laughter is the best medicine and I also always get a good laugh reading the posts and comments. Thanks for a great page, I feel connected again with my hometown from all the way in Australia.”

The task of contacting Meg fell to administration team member Irene Nicoll who, although now living in Elgin, is originally from Ferryden.
She said: “It took a bit of determination and searching to find Meg and her family in Melbourne and to get her story. Due to the time difference I was up early a few mornings sending and checking for e-mails, but we got there and we are delighted to welcome Meg aboard.”

Montrose Memories went online in early October and since then has collected more than 2,500 photographs which have been posted from member’s private collections on myriad subjects relating to the town and its people.

Many people have used the Facebook page to rekindle friendships and to share childhood memories.

The page was set up by Kevin Calder after his partner Ann mentioned there was one of her home town of Kilmarnock and discovering that other Scottish towns also had their own pages.

He said: “I cannot believe how it has taken off with people of all ages, some still live in the town and others who moved away, signing up. I thought it might attract maybe a couple of dozen people but I am gobsmacked at the response. It seems to have brought Montrosians from all over the world back together and that can only be good thing.”