Merits of big pants

IF you loved Louise Roache’s plays, which include the international hit Girls Night, Lucky Balls, Checkout Girls and Girl Talk The Musical currently showing in New York, then head to Dundee Rep Theatre for Big Pants and Botox.

Running from Tuesday, September 27 to Saturday, October 10, it tells the story of Barbara who has survived an eventful ‘significant’ birthday which has got her thinking about many things - not least the merits of big pants and Botox!

If you have to empty your bladder before joining the kids on the trampoline, and it’s a few years since you’ve had an uninterrupted view of your feet, if you know a prolapse has nothing to do with structural engineering, and that the word ‘piles’ doesn’t have to be followed by the word ‘of’, then you’ll be amused, delighted and even comforted by Roche’s new play!

Tickets for the show are available from the box office on 01382 223 530 or

The show is not suitable for children.