Mid Links still to bloom next spring


The Mid Links will be in bloom once again next spring as Montrose Community Council has agreed to pay for its flowers for the season.

As part of budget cuts Angus Council will no longer be providing flowers in several locations across Montrose, and the community councillors had to make a decision as to whether they wanted to pay for the plants on the Mid Links circles for next spring by last Friday.

Debate sparked between community councillors who were split with some in favour of paying the £1,052 for the floral arrangement and others against it.

However, when a resident of the Mid Links offered to foot the cost of the plants, the community councillors unanimously agreed they would spilt the price 50/50 with the local.

Michael Robinson: “The Mid Links is one of the most attractive areas in Montrose. I don’t want to see it being turfed over.

“When visitors come to the town and see a beautiful floral display it will make an impact.”

Margaret Robinson added: “I was stopped in the street by a couple who weren’t from Montrose who asked me where the Mid Links was because they had heard the flowers were so beautiful.”

“I think the town looks terrible without flowers,” said Jane Watson.

Some community councillors were unsure whether to agree to give Angus Council the money to pay the money for the Mid Links by last Friday (May 30) or look elsewhere.

Peter Chaffer said: “The Mid Links is just one area of Montrose. What about the other areas that the council isn’t paying for? They need flowers.”

Montrose Community Council agreed to begin with planting the flowers on the Mid Links for next spring and then it will look at other areas in the town.

Angus Council will no longer be tending providing annual bedding at Murray Court, Queen Street, the Mid Links circles, Montrose Museum, the Melville Bowling Green, the George Street open space, the post office on Bridge Street, Balmain Court, the rockery, Montrose Library, Inch Bowling Green, Rossie Island Cemetery extension, Southesk Court and Sleepyhillock Cemetery.

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “Along with other councils in Scotland, we have had to take a number of decisions across all service areas to achieve a balanced budget.

“One of the decisions we took was to replace the annual summer and spring bedding with the more sustainable and cost-effective solution of ornamental shrubs, flowering perennials or grass.

“The exception to this will be at war memorials where the usual floral displays will continue.”

The local authority will continue to provide annual bedding for the Hope Paton Park War Memorial, the Hillside War Memorial, the Ferryden War Memorial and the High Street.

The council spokesperson concluded: “We are currently working with a number of community groups across Angus to discuss options for maintaining and upkeep of plants in their local area.

“We would welcome discussions with interested groups from Montrose. Interested parties can contact our ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”

The community body is hoping to set up a flower sub-committee made up of community councillors and members of the public. If you are interested in joining please get in touch with Montrose Community Council by e-mailing montroseccrosa@gmail.com, by searching for the body on Facebook by ‘phoning the secretary Ted Smith on 01674 672643.