Mill Lavvies set to weave magic at Rep

THE first of two productions at Dundee Rep Theatre focusing on the work of the weavers and the powerful women who lived in the city opened on Thursday.

The new season opens with “The Mill Lavvies”, by Chris Rattray, which features original songs by Michael Marra and runs until Saturday, September 29. Set in the early 1960s in a Dundee jute mill, the play follows five men as they escape the work, noise and drudgery of the shop floor, sharing stories, banter and their dreams in the sanctuary of the mill lavvies over a typical working day.

It’s a Monday morning and the gaffer, Thornton, is on the prowl, trying to catch anyone skiving in the lavvies.

The show features Michael Marra’s much loved songs, including “If Dundee was Africa” and “Big Wide World Beyond the Seedlies”.

The Mill Lavvies runs until Saturday, September 29.

The second production, “She Town”, by Sharman Macdonald, opens on Thursday, September 12 and runs until Saturday, September 29.

The play, featuring a large female cast, focuses on Dundee in 1936 and follows the lives of women and girls who live in its tenements, play in its streets and work in its jute mills.

Friendships, loyalties and family ties are challenged as tensions rise among the community of women.

Dundee in 1936 is a city run by women. The female cast is made up of members of Dundee Rep Ensemble, community actors and Dundee Rep Youth Theatre.

Sharman Macdonald is best known for her award winning stage play, When I was a Girl I Used to Scream and Shout and more recently her screenplay, The Edge of Love.

Both plays are Dundee Rep Ensemble Productions and celebrate the rich history of Dundee, whilst weaving colourful characters in the fabric of the stories.

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