Minister’s visit to Montrose Royal

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Minister for children and young people Aileen Campbell was at Montrose Royal Infirmary last Tuesday when she visited the maternity unit.

Mrs Campbell was given a private tour of the hospital’s maternity unit on Bridge Street and met midwives and mothers who had given birth at the unit.

She said: “I’ve been at the maternity unit because of the good work that is being done here.

“It has been good to speak to some of the mums who have benefited from one-to-one care and the service they offer here.”

Phyllis Winters, midwifery team manager, said: “We are extremely pleased that Aileen Campbell came. It is always rewarding when people show an interest in the work that we do.”

Mrs Campbell was told about the delayed umbilical cord clamping that the midwives at the Montrose have been doing.

She said it was “fantastic” to hear about the maternity unit’s decision to delay the clamping of the cord.

Mrs Winters said: “Delayed clamping or optimal clamping is waiting to allow the blood from the placenta to go to the baby to give them the benefit of the blood.

“Cord clamping became routine but almost one third of the blood is in the placenta. When babies don’t get that blood, it increases their chances of getting anaemia. There have been links to higher IQ for babies who get it.”

She added: “We didn’t do the research but we want to ensure that our midwives put it into practice and for mothers to be informed about it before birth so they know it is an option.”

Mrs Campbell concluded: “Other countries have been looking at what we’ve been doing. It’s not very often that people want to learn from Scotland.”

Nigel Don, MSP for Angus North and Mearns, joined the minister for the tour of the maternity unit. He stated: “I am delighted that she was able to come along and see the fabulous work that is being done here.”