Minister urged to take action

Some of the audience, local MSPs and Jill  Fotheringham at the meeting about the flyover in Hillside Village Hall.
Some of the audience, local MSPs and Jill Fotheringham at the meeting about the flyover in Hillside Village Hall.

Campaigners are calling for the Transport Minister to take action about the junction between Laurencekirk and Marykirk.

At a meeting held last Friday (February 21) in Hillside Village Hall on the need for a fly-over where the A937 Montrose road meets the dual carriageway, it was made clear that the SNPs Transport Minister Keith Brown should make a decision without delay.

The meeting, which was attended by MSPs Alison McInnes and Alex Johnstone, gave unanimous backing for a fly-over. The audience were told that Transport Scotland in their costly reports ignored the traffic crossing the junction between Laurencekirk and the Marykirk road.

Jill Fotheringham, from Montrose, who has led the campaign for almost 10 years, said: “Transport Scotland and Keith Brown are wasting even more money on another report, since they are totally ignoring the key issue of crossing of the junction yet again.

“The SNP minister has the power to make the decision and instruct Transport Scotland to go ahead with the fly-over, but once he is effectively kicking the decision into the long grass.

“I can assure him and his colleagues in government that we as a committee, backed up by thousands of people in our area, will not give up until he takes action.”

Montrose Liberal Democrat Councillor David May said: “The meeting heard that there is no fly-over anywhere between Stracathro and Stonehaven, which in the view of those present is astonishing given the huge increase of traffic in recent years and the expansion of not only Laurencekirk but also the vastly busier port and town of Montrose.

“It was also clear at the meeting that the speed limits at the junction were not working as thousands of motorists, as well as the ministers’ driver, were caught and accidents on the road are still a regular occurrence.”

Mr May added: “How much more evidence does the Transport Minister need before he goes ahead with the junction? The crossing of the junction is nightmare for drivers every day of the week.

“If he does not believe our campaigners, let him try crossing from the Marykirk side at 7.30 a.m. any day between Monday and Friday, as we can have more than 20 vehicles waiting to cross. There has also been two vehicles on the crossing point, which is far from safe.”