Mo Fest rocks to biggest crowd

An “unprecedented” number of festival-goers gathered in Montrose over the weekend to soak up the party atmosphere of the sixth Mo Fest.

Quantity and quality were the watchwords for this year’s event which, according to rough estimates, attracted more music fans to the town than ever.

The High Street was thronged throughout Saturday’s open-air concert which, yet again, was blessed with warm sunshine and some of the best acts appearing on this year’s festival circuit.

A conservative estimate has put this year’s crowd at between 7,000 and 8,000, up considerably on previous festivals but reflecting the fact that it now features more gigs and venues than ever before.

David Paton, festival committee chairman, said: “It was unprecedented to see that many people out in town and it was definitely the busiest yet. We’ve never sold out of programmes before, but we sold 500 neck lanyards and 1,300 programmes which was just crazy but great. That’s where our profit is so it’s great to having people supporting

us that way.

“The bands, from the kick-off with Late Landing in the morning to Estrella at the end of the day, were just fantastic.”