MoFest 2014 is going green

This year’s Montrose Music Festival will have a focus on green initiatives with a number of eco-friendly commitments being put in place.

Angus Council are providing recycling pods which will allow revellers to separate their plastics, cans and paper from general waste, similar to what happens with household collections.

Green Guerillas, a non-profit organisation that works to educate people and supports neighbourhoods to develop community garden projects, will be out and about during the festival, promoting recycling.

They will also running a ‘make your own seed bomb’ workshop at Sunday’s youth festival.

Hailing from New York City back in the early 1970’s, the organisation began by throwing ‘seed green-aids’ into vacant lots and planting flower boxes on window ledges of abandoned buildings.

The movement quickly grew as people began to donate their time, businesses donated vegetable clippings and seeds and soon dozens of nurseries bloomed throughout the city.

Since then the organisation has spread worldwide, even reaching as far as Arbroath where the local Guerillas are based.

Dundee based company Scottish Eco-Taxis will also be providing some eco-taxis to ferry revellers around the town.

The taxis can be found outside of Henry Hoggs on the High Street or can be stopped in the street.

The Strange Brew Tea Company will have their vintage ‘Tea Tricycle’ in the High Street on the Saturday (May 24) serving up traditional and exotic tea blends.

The tricycle is pedal powered and the water is boiled using a bio-fuel boiler which means no fossil fuels or generators required.

There will also be paper bags instead of plastic used at the MoFest merchandise stall and all venues are being encouraged to use and properly dispose of, plastic glasses.