MoFest ‘Summer of ‘16’ show on its way...with 17 on the horizon!

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With a little over two weeks until Bryan Adams’ Summer of 16 concert in Montrose, two mystery acts are already interested in playing in the town next year.

Piano maestro Jools Holland headlined this year’s festival in May and now Canadian music legend Adams is set to rock the East Links on August 7 as part of his Get Up Tour of the UK in a concert organised by Montrose Music Festival (MoFest) and concert promoters LCC Live.

The director of LCC Live has revealed that they have an act they have wanted to secure for a few years now interested in headlining the festival next year, and a band which is tempted by a summer 2017 show in Montrose will be checking out the town this week.

Les Kidger said: “Following on from Status Quo, building up to Madness, Jools Holland and Bryan Adams, the town of Montrose is quite interesting and agents and managers are getting more and more interested in the town.

“We had a call a couple of weeks ago from an agent for a band which said, ‘we like the sound of this’.

“We sent them some crowd shots of the Jools Holland concert and some aerial shots of the area with the back drop of the beach, and this week a couple of the band members, with their agent, will be walking the East Links.

“It’s great they are taking time out to look at it.

“We have been talking with MoFest and the plan with the summer show next year is we want to do something a bit different. It depends on the artist and their vision. The guys who are walking around Montrose this week have a good vision. The idea is to make it into more of an afternoon and evening event.

“We have someone interested in the festival headline show. They know Montrose, Scotland and what MoFest is all about. They are someone we have been trying to get for a few years.”

Les added he was unable to reveal who the two acts were at this stage but said there were less than 800 tickets left for Bryan Adams.

He said: “They are flying out. We expect to be close to being sold out by the time August 7 rolls around. People should get their tickets so they don’t miss out.

“His show is just going to be something unbelievable.

“Twenty-four years ago I stood in Hyde Park listening to Bryan Adams and I just thought it was fantastic.

“I think Big Les may shed a tear when he plays in Montrose. He is one of two acts I have always wanted to promote and I get to promote him this year.

“It’s fantastic to have him playing an outdoor show in Scotland.”

Tickets for Bryan Adams’ Montrose concert can be purchased from