Montrose Academy pottery pupils get boost of materials

Students in Montrose Academy's pottery club with their new materials
Students in Montrose Academy's pottery club with their new materials

The closure of Montrose Pottery Club has meant the art department at the town’s Academy has had a boost of materials.

Instead of their surplus art supplies going to waste members of the pottery club have donated them artistic students at the town secondary school.

Dr John Cavanagh, rector of Montrose Academy, said: “Following the closure of the Montrose Pottery Club, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Fraser McRae for his extremely generous donation of such an extensive quantity of pottery materials to the Montrose Academy art department.

“Montrose Academy has a thriving pottery club and the quality and diversity of the work produced by the pupils, who have limited materials to hand, has continued to amaze me.

“Fraser’s generosity has given us a huge amount of resources which will not only enhance and develop our pottery club, but will also be used in mainstream classes to augment their education.

Dr Cavanagh added: “It is with the consideration of such generous members of our community that we are able to add the ‘extra’ to the education of pupils in the Montrose area and it is extremely important that we commend Fraser for his substantial and considerate donation.”

Principal teacher of expressive and performing arts at Montrose Academy, Peter Allan, said: “I am delighted with the very generous donation of ceramic materials from Fraser McRae that the art and design department has received.

“The look of amazement on the pottery club pupils’ faces when they saw what we had arrived was priceless.

“The department and pupils of Montrose Academy will benefit and be able to enjoy this resource for many years to come.

“We have received a vast amount of pre- cast assortment of ceramics and a large amount of glazes.

“We have also been fortunate enough to get some much needed drying shelves and a large amount of slip moulds which will allow us to continue to produce further pots, jugs and pottery objects for as long as we need.

Mr Allan concluded: “This will certainly add a new dimension to an already very popular activity in Art and Design and we are very grateful to Fraser McRae for this.”