Montrose Academy students are more motivated

HMI report paints "positive picture" of Montrose Academy
HMI report paints "positive picture" of Montrose Academy

Students are more motivated and the quality of youngsters’ learning at Montrose Academy has improved, according to a new report.

Her Majesty’s Inspector (HMI) conducted an inspection of the school in September 2010 and found that staff needed to enable a support service to better meet the needs of pupils.

In a recent follow up visit this month, inspectors found more young people now feel that the staff talk to them regularly about how to improve their learning.

In 2010, the inspector found the pace of learning to be too slow. In the recent visit, the inspector discovered relationships between staff and students are positive and the ethos in class is now more purposeful and focused.

The report states that the students now have higher levels of motivation and respond positively when given opportunities to work together and in most classes, youngsters are engaged in their learning.

The report also found that there were in opportunities for pupils to achieve through a range of planned activities within the school and local community, there is an effective leadership by the headteacher and the senior management team and exam results are now in line with national averages.

Dr John Cavanagh, rector, said: “The report of the follow up inspection of Montrose Academy presents a positive picture of the progress that has been made.”