Montrose boy needs vital physio

Devon Menzies with his parents
Devon Menzies with his parents

A little Montrose boy who suffers from an unknown syndrome has an accepted place at the Craighalbert Centre in Cumbernauld.

Devon Menzies, who is three-and-a-half-years-old, suffers from developmental delay and myocolonic epilepsy but it is hoped that time spent at the centre, where he will receive intensive physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, will help him to develop life skills and get him walking and talking.

Regular physiotherapy is not provided on the NHS and the centre placements must be privately funded.

Devon has huge, bright blue eyes and a very endearing personality but struggles to walk, talk or to grasp things in his hands.

His mum Tracey needs to support and carry him in her arms throughout the day as he lacks the core strength needed to stand unaided.

She said: “He’s desperate to walk to his toy box and he tries to talk with visitors at the house.

“He’s already trying to communicate with basic makaton sign language.”

One participant from this year’s Links Park Community Trust 50 Day 5km Challenge will be donating half the funds they raised to Devon’s fund to help pay for the essential placement at the well-equipped Craighalbert centre.

His family are trying to raise awareness of Devon’s condition and hope that his cause will be taken up by other fund raisers in the local area.

They hope that ultimately he is diagnosed with a recognisable condition as for the time being there is sadly no support group available to them.

You can find his page on Facebook as Devon’s Development Fund.