Montrose Christmas Spectacular to take place only on High Street

Montrose High Street
Montrose High Street

The two-day Montrose Christmas Spectacular will now only take place on the town’s High Street, following reservations from some businesses in the burgh.

On Saturday (December 20) and Sunday (December 21) the High Street, and not Murray Street also as previously planned, will be closed as a fairground, vendors and local stallholders come to town.

Some retailers in Murray street told the Review last week they feared the street closure on the Saturday would mean a loss of business for the on what they said was one of the busiest trading days of the year.

They also claimed they had not been given “proper notice” about the event.

The Spectacular has been organised by Montrose Events Tommy Stewart, secretary, said: “We have listened to the concerns of the retailers in Murray Street who had reservations and the Christmas Spectacular will now just be held on the High Street.

“We feel the Spectacular will benefit the town, its businesses and the local economy by bring people to Montrose.

“If it is a success we would hope to bring it back next year and hope that the businesses that had reservations this year would work with us.

“Murray Street will be technically cordoned off by Angus Council, but we will not be enforcing it and drivers will be able to access and park on Murray Street.”

Steven Morrison, joint owner of Ballooning Marvellous on Murray Street, has had reservations about the event. He said: “We told Montrose Events we would go with the consensus of the retailers in Murray Street.

“I think it is a great idea but terrible timing the weekend before Christmas. I think it could have been something more festive than a fairground like a ice rink.

“We weren’t asked if we would like to have stall at the Spectacular. It’s the shopkeepers who keep the town going the rest of the year.

“I think the council has failed the local businesses and residents by not ensuring they had proper notice of more than two weeks before the event.”

Mike Holm, director of Cafe O’Clay, said: “I think it is a great shame it won’t be taking place on Murray Street, I see it as a golden opportunity to have thousands of people see our premises and possibly come in for the first time, often people who do not normally visit Murray Street.

“As the event is now in the centre of town only, it will actually draw shoppers away from Murray Street.

“We will be running a take away coffee and cake special on that weekend, to warm up anyone passing through Murray Street on their way to the Spectacular.”

Gill Muir commented on the Review’s Facebook page: “I live on the High Street and have not be contacted about this. I wish I had known in advance as I have a child with additional needs and the noise etc is going to cause him great pain and severe distress. If I’d had more notice other than seeing it on Facebook I would have booked a hotel somewhere to avoid his upset.”

Vehicle access to the High Street will prohibited during the event and a no parking order will come into force on Friday, December 19 at 7 p.m.

Tommy said: “We are keen to ensure all vehicles are removed from the High Street, as once the funfair and stalls set up, there is a risk of them being blocked in by equipment until 10 p.m. on the Sunday night when the road closure ends.”