Montrose close is once again filthy

Residents who live beside a close in Montrose are calling for it to be regularly maintained
Residents who live beside a close in Montrose are calling for it to be regularly maintained

The disgusting state of a close in Montrose is once again angering residents who live beside it.

The ‘closie’ next to Nationwide and the former Dorothy Perkins store was cleaned up in August last year by The Civic Pride Group after townsfolk living in Servite House sheltered housing next to it complained about the mess.

Among the rubbish discarded down the close are cigarette butts, empty drinks cans, a pregnancy test, as well as exposed wires and dripping water from a pipe on to the former Dorothy Perkins store’s fire exit.

Residents of the sheltered accommodation which backs onto the close claim that it is regularly used a drinking haunt.

Jim Shaw (60), who lives in Servite House, said: “What are we paying our council tax for if it is not to have the close next to us cleaned?”

The ownership of the close is unknown and it is open to the elements.

In August, Angus Council said enquiries into who owned the area were meant to be launched but it was revealed at the latest Montrose Community Council that this had not been done.

Councillor Bill Duff said at the meeting at the Links Hotel on January 30 that corresponding officer has now sent the letter to the adjacent owners of the close, the Arcadia Group and Nation Wide, to find out whose responsibilty it is to keep it clean.

Angus Council has adopted six out of the 20 to 30 closes in the burgh, but it says it cannot afford to take on any more.

Mr Shaw said a community fund where people who are on Jobseekers Allowance are paid a small sum a week to keep the streets and closes in Montrose clean should be brought back.

The close is used as a thoroughfare from Montrose High Street to the railway station. Mr Shaw suggested a that a gate be put up at both ends of the close, similar to the one next to the M & Co shop, which can be open during the day and closed at night.

He said: “People can use Railway Close to get to the station, which is cleaner and less muddy than this one.”