Montrose Community Council chairman changes

Chairman of Montrose Community Council Ron Campbell has stood down from heading the body.

Mr Campbell resigned as leader of the group after around a year-and-half in the role at the monthly meeting last Tuesday (April 28) in the general purpose room at Montrose Sport Centre, but will stay on as a community councillor.

He was elected as chairman when the body reformed before Christmas 2013 after a decline in membership had resulted in the community council being disbanded earlier that year.

At the April meeting, community councillor Mark Cessford was then unanimously voted in as the new chairman.

A spokesperson for the community council said: “There was an excellent turnout of community councillors, Angus councillors and we were all delighted to welcome members of the community.

“The meeting began with the resignation of our chairman, Ron Campbell, who made the difficult decision to stand down and we thank him absolutely for the support he has given to the community council. He is going to continue as a community council member.

“We then welcomed our new chairman, Mark Cessford who was unanimously voted in. Mark has played a very active role as a community councillor and we will benefit from his knowledge of Montrose and his passion to ensure its well being. We will support him in any way we can and look forward to the continuing success of the community council under his Chair.

“Items discussed were the ongoing issue of the funds required for the Christmas lights and the blooms.

“The community council is delighted to have secured a pitch at the forthcoming Montrose Music Festival where plans will be on display for the flower areas of Montrose and experts will be on hand to inform interested parties and hopefully engage with many others too.

“During discussions with regard to the common good fund, homeless unit, empty homes, we are pleased to report that Angus councillors Bill Duff and David May are more than happy to assist and signpost any members of the community who are experiencing difficulties.

“The next community council meeting will take place at 7.15 pm on May 26 in the general purpose room in Montrose Sport Centre where we are hoping to welcome young members onto the committee and any other community members who wish to become involved.”