Montrose Community Council claims Travellers on East Links threatened dog walkers

The unauthorised travellers' camp on the East Links, Montrose
The unauthorised travellers' camp on the East Links, Montrose

Members of Montrose Community Council claim Travellers at an illegal camp on the town’s East Links have been threatening dog walkers.

There are around 19 caravans on the site along with several other vehicles.

Police were called out to the camp on Saturday after concerns were raised about the proximity of the caravans to a pitch and putt course where a children’s lesson was taking place.

But a Police Scotland spokeswoman said when officers attended the site there was no trace of the vehicles near the pitch and putt course.

At their last meeting, Montrose Community Council members claimed the Travellers have intimidated dog walkers.

Michael Robinson said: “One man in a van had a very close shave with my wife and our dog was nearly run over. My wife was a bit concerned and the man wound the window down and said ‘we’re paying to live here now’.”

Margaret Robinson said: “I was intimated by them. I had my dog out and they had blocked off the path I normally go up and I thought no, I’m not going to curtail my walk, so I walked along and they were all hanging out the window intimating me and I just carried on and went right up the path.”

Janet Cowan said dog walkers have told her the Travellers threatened to kill animals off their leads.

Montrose councillor Bill Duff said: “The council will move them if their behaviour is unacceptable. It will do that with a court order and therefore there has to be some unacceptable behaviour, simply being there is not sufficient.

“If there are issues of antisocial behaviour, reckless driving, dangerous dogs, report it.

“The community wardens are monitoring them pretty regularly but they need strong evidence to go to the sheriff to get them evicted.”

An Angus Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the unauthorised encampment in the East Links area and of the public concerns surrounding it.

“As such we are working to resolve the issue in accordance with policy and procedure and in the interests of all concerned.”