Montrose Community Council dissolved

Montrose resident Jim Shaw who is petitioning to get the community council in the town re-established
Montrose resident Jim Shaw who is petitioning to get the community council in the town re-established

Montrosians will no longer “have a voice” to petition their opinions and issues as the community council in the town has been dissolved due to a lack of interest in the body.

It was decided by Angus Council to dissolve the community council at a meeting last Thursday (September 12), as attendance at its meetings did not meet the minimum number of people required.

Resident Jim Shaw (60) is now petitioning to get the community council back up and running in the town.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “In March this year, Angus Council was advised by Montrose Community Council that they had not been quorate for any of their meetings since the end of 2012.

“Between March and June, the local community planning team with a few of the remaining members of the community council worked together to raise awareness of the need for new members in Montrose. Unfortunately, not enough people attended a planned meeting and co-options could not go ahead.”

Jim Shaw, of Standard Close, who was interested in joining the community council, said due to personal issues he could not make the meeting and sent his apologies, but they were not noted and he never became a community councillor.

Mr Shaw said: “I’m not happy about the community council being dissolved. It’s sad if it is going to go to the wall.

“I think that the people of Montrose need a body to behind them. There’s not going to be anyone to raise issues for the people and they need to have a voice.

“There’s that much that is being taken away from Montrose, soon there’s going to be nothing for both young and old people to do if things carry on going the way they are.”

He said there was a number of issues that needed to be addressed in the town, including access onto pathways for disabled people and the condition of the pavements, the state of some of the ‘closies’ in Montrose, the Christmas lights, and someone to support local groups.

He added: “If there is no council there won’t be anyone to petition for these causes.”

Mr Shaw wrote a letter to the Review, which was published on Thursday, September 12, asking for people who were interested in keeping the community alive to contact him. He said no one got in touch with him after the letter was printed.

To re-establish a community council in Montrose, 20 people need to sign a petition and submit it to Angus Council.

The spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The council is committed to supporting and ensuring the sustainability of community councils. If 20 or more electors subsequently wish the re-establishment of a community council for the area, then procedures are in place for a one to be re-formed.”

Mr Shaw concluded: “I am going to get 20 signatures on a petition to re-establish the community council in Montrose.”

If you are interested in re-establishing the community council in Montrose, please contact Rachel Green, community engagement officer by e-mailing or ring Jim Shaw on 01674 660416.