Montrose Community Council given last-gasp reprieve

Montrose Community Council has been saved
Montrose Community Council has been saved

Montrose Community Council has been saved three months after a petition was launched by townsfolk to re-establish it in the burgh.

The nomination period opened in October, but last week, after the deadline, only eight candidates had submitted their application forms in time, meaning Montrose Community Council (MCC) was one councillor below the minimum required and it could not be re-established.

Angus Council however, made the decision to extend the nomination period to Monday (November 25), and an extra five candidates came forward, bringing the total up to 13 community councillors and saving MCC.

As the number is below the maximum of 17 councillors, an election does not need to be held and all 13 candidates will be co-opted on to the body.

In September, the community council was dissolved at an Angus Council meeting, due to its numbers at its meetings falling below the minimum required. However, shortly afterwards, a 28-signature petition was submitted by residents to the local authority to get the community body back up and running in the town.

The petition was launched by Jim Shaw (60), who wanted to be co-opted on to the previous community council but couldn’t make a meeting due to personal issues. Mr Shaw got the signatures required to petition Angus Council with the help of Ron Campbell (74), who also wanted to be a councillor but there weren’t enough members at a meeting for him to be co-opted on. The two are now standing as community councillors.

Mr Shaw, of Standard Close, said: “This is a victory for Montrose Community Council at last.

“Ron and I want to give our sincere thanks to all who came forward.

“We are all waiting with serious anticipation to get our team in place and set about helping the people of Montrose.

He added: “Hopefully we’ll get Montrose on the map again as a thriving town.”

The inaugural meeting of Montrose Community Council will take place on Wednesday, December 11, at 7 p.m in the GP Room, Montrose Sports Centre, to appoint office-bearers. Members of the public are welcome to attend.