Montrose could help out a Police horse with no name

The new Police horse
The new Police horse

Montrose could become the new moniker of a police horse - depending on the results of a public poll launched by the force.

Police Scotland unveiled their newest equine colleague on Twitter, but have yet to christen the animal and are asking the public for assistance.

The force have provided a short list of three - Harris, Brodick and Montrose.

The new addition to the team is a four-year-old Clydesdale horse. Standing at 17 hands high, the young stallion has recently completed his 28-day assessment to join the mounted unit - but he’s in need of a proper police horse name.

As explained by Police Scotland in their online poll, all police horses follow the convention of being named after places in Scotland.

On Facebook followers are urged to leave a suggestion with the post attracting over 800 comments in an hour, while on Police Scotland Horses Twitter account, @polscothorses, there have been over 800 votes cast in the poll. Following 886 votes on Twitter, Harris was leading the way with 50%, while Brodick had 29% and Montrose had 21% of the votes.

Police Scotland have said they will announce the winner by the end of the week.