Montrose councillor embroiled in Tweet furore

Bill Duff
Bill Duff

The darker side of using social media has surfaced once again as another row rages over a ‘Tweet’ by Montrose SNP councillor Bill Duff.

Mr Duff had joined in a highly charged discussion about politics, which had somehow spilled over into comments on the illness of BBC commentator Nick Robinson.

In the course of the exchange of Tweets, someone with the Twitter name ‘TheQuietNo’ appears to claim that some SNP connection was, among other things, “laughing at Nick Robinson suffering from cancer”.

TheQuietNo also has the hashtag #SNPout.

Mr Duff’s response was to say: “Met plenty of people who wished Alex S ill. What’s your point?”

Local Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate Sanjay Samani has reacted angrily to Mr Duff’s comment.

Mr Samani’s interpretation of Mr Duff’s Tweet is that if people had wished ill of Alex Salmond, celebrating Nick Robinson’s cancer diagnosis was therefore acceptable.

Mr Samani said: “To excuse horrible CyberNats attacks on Nick Robinson is disgraceful. Bill Duff should withdraw his tweet and condemn the attacks on Nick Robinson.

“Having watched my mother, father and mother-in-law all lose their battles with cancer, and seeing my wife go through the hell of chemotherapy, I would not wish cancer on anybody.

“The disgusting comments by CyberNats about Nick Robinson are a new low in the nastiness of the independence debate.

“I am on record condemning any abuse by both supporters of keeping Scotland part of the UK and by those supporting Independence.

“I would expect the same from any elected SNP representative and that includes Bill Duff.”

Montrose Lib Dem Councillor David May commented: “Like Sanjay Samani I have had many friends and relations who have lost their battles against cancer and Councillor Duff should withdraw his tweet as there is no excuse for such abuse, from whatever source it comes.”

Bill Duff told us: “I am not condoning comments made by anyone, and I resent the attempts by certain people to put words into my mouth.

“The point I was making is that unacceptable remarks are made by all sides and hence it is foolish to attempt to make political capital out of these latest remarks.

“By way of example I said I’d seen awful comments made about Alex Salmond by unionists.”