Montrose councillor says lack of flyover could hinder business in town

David May
David May

Councillor David May has welcomed a substantial £11 million boost to the town economy from GE Oil and Gas.

It seems Montrose is bucking the trend despite collapsing oil prices and regional job losses but Councillor May has pointed out the lack of a flyover at the Laurencekirk junction where the Montrose/Marykirk road meets the A90 may seriously reduce the town’s future utility for new business.

The Liberal Democrat councillor said: “It is very good news about the take up of economic development property in our area but I have concerns as there seems to be hardly any space left.”

“I have particular concerns about Lauries application for the airfield, and also the developments near the harbour as they might be under threat due to the lack of Scottish Government action to build a much needed flyover at Laurencekirk.

“I asked the chief executive about the threat to economic development in Montrose and Angus of being unable to attract oil related jobs and off shore wind jobs due to the lack of a flyover.”

He said that there was a risk that future jobs were at risk if no flyover is built.

“It appears that there may be problems with obtaining planning permission so attracting new jobs will be difficult.”

“The Scottish Government have massive underspends, so I call on them to use some of this to build the flyover before Montrose and Angus loses much needed growth.”

Angus campaigner Sanjay Samani also backed the call: “The SNP have for almost nine years ignored the calls to build the flyover and there is now no excuse to do it.

They have the funds and by ignoring these calls they will now put future jobs in Montrose and in Angus at risk.”