Montrose cycle path safety concern

Bill Stephen with the offending path
Bill Stephen with the offending path

A concerned Broomfield resident fears for the safety of children, pedestrians and cyclists using the cycle path on Rosehill.

Angus council has recently resurfaced and widened the ramp at the end of Broomfield Road and removed the bollards that stopped motorists driving onto the cycle path.

Bill Stephen, of Broomfield Road, is angry at the council’s decision to take away the bollards.

He said: “They haven’t looked at the safety aspects at all.”

The road is potentially confusing to drivers, as there are no clear signs to instruct motorists that the road ends.

Mr Stephen is also worried that the road is being used by youths in cars and on motorbikes as an off-road racetrack.

He said car tracks have appeared on the grass at the end of the ramp, and lead to Rosehill at a right angle.

He told us: “If cars are driving across the grass as a short cut to the main road there is bound to be an accident sooner or later.”

There is nothing in place to stop motorists from carrying on along the footpath that is used by families to access the playpark and playing fields at the end of the track.

Mr Stephen worries that dog walkers and children using the path are potentially in danger.

He said the surface of the entire road presents problems for pedestrians due as it is uneven.

Beyond the recycling centre, Broomfield Road is an unadopted road.

There are seven households and two club houses that use the spur of Broomfield Road, which lies at the back of the Montrose recycling facility.

He said: “The council owns the land but they expect us to keep the grass cut and it’s me that fills the potholes. It’s a shocking, patched-up mess.”

At the time we went to press, Angus council were unavailable for comment.