Montrose dancers take part in sea-going reel!

Arbroath Scottish country dancing club performed the Bell Rock Reel  in front of the 200 year old lighthouse.
Arbroath Scottish country dancing club performed the Bell Rock Reel in front of the 200 year old lighthouse.

FOUR local dancers enjoyed the dance of their lives on Sunday - they danced round the Bell Rock Lighthouse, 12 miles off Arbroath!

The four were Iris and John Macpherson, Montrose; and May Watson and Dave Neill, both of whom live in St Cyrus.

The intention was for the 12-strong party, aged from 39 to 81, to dance the Bell Rock Reel at the lighthouse. But as the tide was in, the dancing had to be done on the boat, Ultimate Predator, rather than on the rock itself.

Heather Lockhart, who organised the event said: “All six couples took a turn of dancing the Bell Rock Reel once through at the Lighthouse.

“I wanted everyone to have a turn but thought once would be enough to ask of everyone and our musician, but we all enjoyed it so much, we did it over again.

“Frank [Thomson] played not a single wrong note, as always, despite being on a boat.

“Another really nice touch, suggested by the skipper [Jim Smith], was that we approached the harbour from the cliffs and started to dance again on our approach to the harbour. We danced ourselves into the inner harbour where the boat circled and went out again to the pontoon.

“The harbour was busy and people were waving to us. It was especially nice because it was the weekend of the Arbroath Accordion and Fiddle Festival and here we were dancing Scottish Country Dancing to Frank’s super music in the middle of the harbour!

“Jim’s brother Alex Smith said he was watching us from the Girl Katherine and could hear the music and it looked good fun.”

Heather told us there was a sad element to the trip, too. The dance had been devised by Jim Crowe about five years ago, but when the trip was being planned he was very ill.

He was told of the proposal and gave it his blessing but he died in May, before he could learn of the successful of the venture.

Heather added: “I’d like to extend the condolences of the East Angus Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society to Pat, Jim’s widow, his sister Shirley, and the other members of his family. I hope they feel that our trip has been a fitting tribute to Jim.”

The dancers will be on their toes again in Montrose at the Borrowfield Gala on August 21.