Montrose director’s poisoning film

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The award-winning Montrose film director who took on Donald Trump is now tackling the inside scandal of one of America’s worst cases of mass poisoning.

Local man Anthony Baxter, who is behind Montrose Pictures and who won a clutch of international awards for his films ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ (2012) and ‘A Dangerous Game ‘(2014), is preparing a feature documentary on the Flint Water Disaster, in which scores of children were poisoned from drinking tap water.

Baxter has been filming in Flint since summer 2015, long before the story hit national headlines. He heard about the plight of local residents while showing ‘A Dangerous Game’ at Michael Moore’s film festival in Traverse City, Michigan.

He said: “State officials were insisting the water was perfectly safe, yet the families were experiencing these terrible health problems.

“It reminded me of the desperation villagers in Scotland felt when going through their lonely battles with Donald Trump and how no one in authority would listen because they weren’t rich or powerful.

“But I was also struck by the dignity and heroism of the families affected in Flint, and by the scientists who gave their time to help them. And that is what inspired me to make the new film.”

President Obama has declared a state of emergency in Flint to deal with the crisis, which was caused when state emergency management officials decided money could be saved if the source of Flint’s drinking water was switched from Detroit, to the Flint River. The levels of lead found in the blood of Flint children have skyrocketed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says lead causes brain damage in children and there is “no safe level of lead in drinking water.”

There have been calls for the resignation of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for his handling of the crisis.

The new film is expected to be completed later this year for release in spring 2017 and has received development support from Creative Scotland.