Montrose driver ‘very disappointed’ council won’t pay claim

The damage to the car
The damage to the car

A Montrose motorist is unhappy Aberdeenshire Council is not paying her claim after her car was damaged when she hit a pothole when she was diverted from a main road.

Suzanne Kettles was driving along the A937 on her way to work in Laurencekirk on the morning of June 1 when due to roadworks she said she was diverted down the B974, and while driving down the B road she hit a pothole.

Suzanne Kettles shows the damage to her wheel made by a pothole.

Suzanne Kettles shows the damage to her wheel made by a pothole.

However, Aberdeenshire Council says this was not the official diversion from Montrose.

The A937 is closed to all traffic at South Balmakelly to allow for £150,000 works to a concrete bridge, which dates back to the 1930s.

Suzanne, who works as a project administrator in Laurencekirk, says she has had to fork out £400-plus to pay for the damage and labour as one of her wheels was cracked.

She made a claim to Aberdeenshire Council for the cost but says the authority has come back and said it is not paying the claim.

Suzanne said: “I took the signposted detour due to roadworks at Marykirk on to the B974. As I passed Balmakewan on my left, I felt the car drop to the left and make a big bang/crunching noise and I realised I had driven into a pothole. There was no sign, paint or bollard to warn of this crater in the road.

“After my day’s work, I drove home, opting for an alternative route via St Cyrus, and noticed my steering wheel was veering to the left. I wasn’t too concerned as I thought I may just need to get my tyres realigned. I drove to work on the Monday and noticed there was significant deflation of my left front tyre and the drive to work was not pleasant as the car was now not only veering to the left, but the steering wheel was shuddering and there was a whining noise coming from the left front of the car.”

Suzanne added a local garage told her the wheel was cracked and she would need a new wheel and alloy or consider writing the car off.

She continued: “I am very disappointed that the council has failed to reimburse me for the damage to my car caused by the terrible state of this road. I hope that by taking this issue to the press that it will encourage more people to report potholes and damage to local roads so that the council can swiftly repair them and others will not suffer damage to their vehicles as I did. I urge all commuters to Aberdeen to do so!”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “We don’t comment on individual insurance claims. We wouldn’t divert an A road on to a B road we would always divert it on to an A road. The B974 was never the official diversion, the official diversion was the A92.”