Montrose driving instructors indicate trouble with parking

A car parked on double yellow lines in the High Street.
A car parked on double yellow lines in the High Street.

Montrose driving instructors are appealing to the honesty of motorists in a war against dangerous parking in the town.

The Montrose Driving Instructors Association (MDIA) has said it is aware of the hot spots for illegal parking in Montrose as they witness bad practises nearly every day of the week.

Brian Thomson, driving instructor and spokesperson for the association, said: “The worst places are the corner of John Street and at the top of Castle Street.

“In both locations there are double yellow lines but drivers insist on parking their cars, either to pop into the bank or to pick up a bit of shopping.

“The problem is worrying because drivers leave their car with their bumpers sticking out on the corner of the junction; other drivers looking to turn into the road cannot see any pedestrians trying to cross.

“At the junction at Murray Street we have seen drivers park on the double yellow just outside the bookies then run into the shop, a sure bet perhaps.

“Just because there is no traffic warden to give out fines does not mean that drivers are allowed to park on the double yellow lines. They are there for road safety reasons.

“We’ve seen grown men parking in mother and baby bays, blue badge holders waiting on double yellow lines, while their driver pops out, and drivers who wait in line for a space at the Royal Bank car park. They create a tail back right into the main road.

“Driving instructors are treated well by taxis and bus drivers in the town, they generally give us time to pass and patiently wait while our students negotiate a junction.

“We have been working with the council to get better, clearer lineage on roundabouts and we have suggested improvements to reduce the likelihood of accidents.”

“We think a good idea might be asking community wardens to post flyers on the windscreens of cars parked illegally, informing of the fact that they have been spotted in the wrong place. This would appeal to their sense of honesty and might help the problem.”

David May, Lib Dem Councillor, when asked about the feasibility of this said: “I will check if the wardens can legally distribute flyers and also whether they have the time to do this.”