Montrose family’s dismay at Boxing Day hit and run driver

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A family in Montrose had a nasty Boxing Day surprise when a driver wrote off their car which was parked outside their house.

The motorist appeared to have misjudged a speed bump and crashed into their car which, in turn, shunted into a neighbour’s Range Rover.

Stephen Matthews (45) and his partner Andrea Ward (45), of Nursery Road, were enjoying the peace and quiet of Boxing Day when their next door neighbour alerted them to the collision.

Stephen said: “My neighbour heard a loud bang at 7pm on Boxing Day but by the time she realised where it had come from the driver had made a getaway. It looks as though the driver attempted to avoid the single speed bump outside our house but hit our car pretty hard instead.

“My neighbour said she heard a child scream at the same time so maybe that will be a clue to finding the guilty person.”

Lochside Primary School is at the end of the road and the couple have called for drivers to be more cautious when driving down the street.

Stephen and Andrea, who have two young children, Kit (5) and Malachy (9), would like to see speed cameras installed and better traffic-calming measures put in place as children frequently play in the street.

Andrea, who was the first on the scene, said: “This road is a 20 miles an hour zone because of Lochside School but drivers career down here.

“We are always hearing revving engines and impatient drivers generally try to dodge the speed bump. I think more bumps would keep the traffic moving more slowly.

“It’s a safety issue, lots of children walk down this road and cross at different places.

“There is no reason anyone should be driving as fast down this road.”

The damage to the neighbour’s Range Rover was superficial but the family Skoda has been declared a write-off due to the structural damage sustained.

Stephen explained: “Why should we have to use our own insurance when somebody else has created the problem?

“The police say they can’t do anything unless a witness if found.

“We will lose our excess and might have to pay extra to find a replacement car as it will be more expensive to repair than to replace it.

“The bottom line is it’s not our fault.”

Andrea added: “There are no circumstances where I wouldn’t leave my details or at least go back to the scene if I had caused an accident like this.

“I think having speed bumps all along the road would make a difference.

“Some of these drivers have children themselves, some are on the school run and they should know better.”