Montrose gig for the Complete Stone Roses

THE Complete Stone Roses are now one of the UK’s most well-known, most seen and most successful tribute bands - and they’re playing for one night only at b@r, Hume Street, Montrose this Friday (December 23).

Selling out venues across the UK and Ireland regularly, they have helped to carry on the music of one of the UK’s most influential bands - the Stone Roses.

The Completes, as they are affectionately referenced to by their fans, play to acclaim both from fans themselves, the press, and even original Stone Roses band members.

In the summer of 2002 the band played their first major music festival to a packed dance arena, at the Witness festival in Ireland and since then many other top UK and Ireland venues have all seen sell out shows by the band through the years.

The set that The Completes play consists of either the early Roses material with anything from Tell Me and Here It Comes to classics like Waterfall and Fools Gold to the Second Coming era with Love Spreads and Tightrope. The band and their management pride themselves on recreating for the legions of fellow Stone Roses fans, the live sound with the clear and unmistakable sound of the polished studio sound of the Stone Roses.

The Completes have also had their fair share of TV performances.

The Completes are perfectionists at their art; they are always improving and have gone from strength to strength after several changes in the line-up.

Supporting The Complete Stone Roses on Friday will be Cousti who came together in 2006 to write and record music based entirely on their own individual tastes and influences.

Drawing on a wealth of experience spanning over four decades from the mid sixties to the present day, Cousti’s influences range from such early artistes as the Grateful Dead and the Eagles to Jackson Brown, Jackie Lomax and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Taking us through the seventies, eighties and nineties with everyone from Eric Clapton to U2 to more lesser known artistes like Big House.

Using this enormous library of knowledge Cousti paint their music on a broad canvas, from the emotional complexities of everyday life to songs such as the inspirational ‘Borderline,’ highlighting the plight of poor people in Mexico converging on the U.S border in search of a better life.

To date Cousti have written over 100 songs ranging in styles from the beautiful ‘Mallaig’ with it’s Celtic connotations and ‘Sweetest tunes’ a tribute to the legendary Bob Harris, to more trance like songs such as ‘What goes on’ and ‘Without you’, creating a warmth and texture in their sound which is totally unique in today’s climate of industry manufactured music.

Cousti are still prolifically writing and constantly surprising themselves with the diversity of the songs they come up with.

Doors open 7 pm on Friday at B@r at 2 Hume Street, Montrose.

Tickets £20 - contact 01674 958022 or email