Montrose Infirmary closed until further notice

Montrose Infirmary is closed until further notice
Montrose Infirmary is closed until further notice

A review into environmental issues at Montrose Infirmary has been launched and the hospital will be closed until further notice.

The Infirmary was temporarily closed on April 24 due to the failure of the heating and water systems.

As a result of the failure of these systems a number of environmental issues have arisen. This includes a soot-like substance being blown through the air filter system and operational problems with the water supply.

Dr Margaret McGuire, nurse director, said: “As a result of the failures of the systems and the environmental issues, NHS Tayside is undertaking a full environmental and system review at Montrose Infirmary.

“There are currently issues with a number of systems, including the water, heating and filtration systems, and we must be entirely satisfied that the environment is clean and safe for both patients and staff before the hospital can reopen.

“The complexities of the systems which have been damaged means it is currently difficult for us to identify a date for reopening. We know that no one would want us to open the hospital before we could be absolutely sure there was no risk to patient and staff safety and we hope they understand that we are doing our best to remedy the situation.

“We appreciate the public’s understanding at this time and apologise for any inconvenience the transfer of services has caused.”

Ante-natal and post-natal maternity services continue to be provided at the Links Health Centre in Montrose by the local midwifery team.

Mothers-to-be continue to be advised of the transfer of maternity services for the birth of their babies to Arbroath Community Maternity Unit at Arbroath Infirmary.

Since the transfer of services three weeks ago there have been 10 babies whose mothers would have given birth at Montrose, born in Arbroath.

There are also six inpatients from Montrose Infirmary currently being cared for in Brechin Infirmary.